Monday, December 21, 2009

QuickBase PowerTools

Reliable Response is proud to release a groundbreaking new tool for users of the QuickBase platform. QuickBase PowerTools is an extension to your Firefox and Chrome browsers which add exciting new capabilities, including

  • Currency Conversion

  • Company lookup with Dunn & Bradstreet

  • One-click access to Google Maps for all addresses

  • Click-to-Conference using Twilio conferencing

Click-to-Conference is a tool for sales professionals who need quick and easy telephone conferences with their prospects and customers. It allows users o add customers to a conference with a simple click of the button. Click-to-Conference is free with advertising or ad-free with a small monthly subscription.

Visit to install QuickBase PowerTools now.

Because of its innovative design, QuickBase PowerTools works with any QuickBase application or table with no changes to your QuickBase. It seamlessly adds new capabilities on the fly with no setup or maintenance costs.

Please visit us at for more QuickBase applications, tools and services.